Binding the “Flowers of Heraldry” (workshop)

Binding the “Flowers of Heraldry” by Vera Ibbett (1977), Alcuin Society

Date: Saturday and Sunday, April 25/26, 2015
Location: Joan and Ginny’s Studio – North Saanich
Cost: $75.00 for CBBAG and Alcuin Society members, $105.00 for non-members. Plus $20.00 for materials payable to the instructor on the first day.

In this two day workshop we focus on binding a copy of Vera Ibbett’s 22 pages of beautifully calligraphic rendition of the Flowers in Heraldry. Printed by the Alcuin Society in 1977, the book signatures are 10.5” x 13.5”, making this a different size book that usually done in workshops. The binding will be a Dropped Spine Cover, allowing the book to open flat once bound. This will be a hardcover with a cloth spine.

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