Upcycling The Art of the Book 2018

Ann Mansolino (Alberta)

Writes Ann: “My approach to this was perhaps a bit unconventional. I wanted to include the whole book in a way that completely transformed the materials. So I soaked the catalog pages in water for a week, then put them in a blender, then put the result into glass bottles. It’s the whole book (and all of the books contained and documented within it) revised, condensed, and remixed! I must admit that now that it’s done, I like the concept more than I like the visual result: the material dissolved and reformed into something uncannily resembling raw ground beef, which wasn’t expected or intended… and it makes me recoil from the final object a bit. I have to remind myself that it’s only paper — that it’s just a book put through a blender. I do like the speckles of orange the appear throughout and remind us of that accent color that occurred throughout the catalog. Anyway… it was fun, and hopefully others can see the humor in it, as well as the thought process that sought to transform the book as material object as fully as possible, while still acknowledging in its final form the idea of the book as information within a container or structure (even if it’s no longer readable at this point).”